Glass Bottom Boat + Turtle Farm Island Bali
Jl. Segara Lor No.20, Tj. Benoa, Nuda Dua, Kabupaten Badung, Bali
1 Hours
Up to 1 day
Group Size
50 people

Attraction of Turtle Island Bali Turtle Island is a green turtle breeding site located around Tanjung Benoa.

The turtle island area offers tours with an educational concept.

Visitors can see various types of turtles, from hatchlings (cubs) to adult turtles.

Apart from that, visitors can also interact directly in the turtle enclosure, start taking pictures, holding turtles, and feeding turtles.

Not all of the turtles on Turtle Island are bred, approximately 50 percent of hatchlings that are one month old are released into the sea.

The choice not to release all the turtles because only a small proportion of turtles survive in the wild.

This is because there are predators in the sea and not all hatchlings can adapt to the high seas.

History of Bali Turtle Island

The existence of Turtle Island originated from the presence of green turtles which were threatened with extinction around 1990 to 1999's.

This condition can occur because the Balinese people like to eat green turtles. Thus, the turtle population has decreased.

Finally, the government banned the sale and purchase of turtles. For ritual purposes, only one turtle is allowed.

Even then, it is only for big religious ceremonies which are carried out in big temples.

For turtle conservation, the regional government of Bali manages a small island in Tanjung Benoa as a turtle breeding site. The goal is to protect the green turtle.

Turtle Island is located on land owned by Perhutani. The community also manages Turtle Island independently.

The choice of location is none other than because the mainland of Turtle Island will be covered with sea water when the couple.

Meanwhile, green turtles need seawater as their habitat.

Now, the breeding site has become a tourist spot.

There are a number of types of turtles in captivity apart from the green turtle, namely the hawksbill, olive ridley, and flat turtles.

[Promo] Package - Domestic

  • Adult ( 5 - 70 years)  IDR 800.000
    IDR 400.000 / Boat, max 10 person

  • Activity duration, 1 hour. The price for the glass bottom boat tour & turtle island above, is only for Indonesian citizens.

  • Price for 1 boat with a maximum capacity of 10 passengers / 1 Operator

  • Prices include insurance, service fees and taxes.

  • The Bali glass bottom boat rental price does not include the entrance fee to the green turtle hatchery of IDR 10,000 per person.


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