Bali Safari and Marine Park
Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, km. 19,8 (Golden Line of Bali), Gianyar
Up to 1 day
Group Size
50 people

Bali's most realistic safari experience takes you on a journey to discover the inhabitants of Indonesia, India, and the African Savannah.

You can watch animals roaming freely in their natural designed habitat while you are hopping on our special Bus for a Safari Journey of 40 hectres of land.The safari is home to 400 animals, some of which are endangered. Find elephants, tigers, leopards, komodo dragons, cheetahs, and orangutans - just to name a few!

Watch the elephants bathing or even climb for a ride, visit the petting zoo, learn Balinese dance, see almost 40 species of fish, and don't miss feeding time for the white tigers and piranhas!

As the day draws to a close, get a thrill at Fun Zone, the mini theme park, or cool off at the Water Park before sitting down for the spectacular theater production.

A choice of packages is available: decide if you want inclusions such as an elephant ride, lunch/dinner, VIP show seating, or the Night Safari

[DOMESTIK] Safari Explorer
  • Adult IDR 175.000
  • Child IDR 135.000
[DOMESTIK] Elephant Back Safari
  • Adult IDR 525.000
  • Child IDR 420.000
[DOMESTIK] Night Safari
  • Adult IDR 500.000
  • Child IDR 400.000
[FOREIGN] Jungle Hopper
  • Adult IDR 650.000
  • Child IDR 520.000
[FOREIGN] Jungle Hopper + Bali Agung
( Available on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Adult IDR 750.000
  • Child IDR 620.000
[FOREIGN] Night Safari
  • Adult IDR 1.100.000
  • Child IDR 880.000
  • Adult IDR 1.750.000
  • Child IDR 1.500.000
[FOREIGN] Elephant Back Safari
  • Adult IDR 1.250.000
  • Child IDR 1.000.000
[FOREIGN] Leopard
  • Adult IDR 1.600.000
  • Child IDR 1.200.000
  • Admission to: Safari Journey 1x, Animal show, Big Cat show, and Elephant show
  • Admission to: Bali Agung show (available only every weekend, saturday aand sunday)
  • This popular Safari package embarks you on an adventure in the wildlife to encounter a wide variety of animals, even endangered species
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Other personal expenses
Start From
IDR 175.000
IDR 135.000
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