Elephant Safari Park Mason, Taro
Jalan Elephant Safari Park Banjar Desa Taro Tegallalang, Taro, Kec. Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali
up to 1 day
Group Size
50 people

Mason elephants safari Park Taro Village in Ubud is a ride track through a tropical jungle. The location of this Bali elephant safari park is in the Village of Taro northern part of the Ubud Village. The park offers you to experience a stroll through the Elephant Park and the surrounding forest on the back of a gentle Sumatran Elephant. The Elephant Safari Park at Taro has Bali’s largest herd of 27 Elephants as well as 2 baby elephants. You can sit back and relax as you make your way to the Bali Elephant Safari Park in our late model Air-conditioning Buses.

More Mason elephants safari Park Taro Village in Ubud
This Tour is one that you will not want to miss while on your holiday in Bali. Mason Adventure is an operator of Mason Elephant Safari Park. It has been acclaimed as “The Best Elephant Park in the World” by Steve Irvin (Crocodile Hunter). Many other world celebrities have visited the Park such as David Beckham and Posh Spice, Dolf Lundgren, Julian Lennon, Johnny Knoxville, and Steve-O stars of the Jackass movies plus many more. Mason Elephant Safari Park at Taro is unique as well as beautiful. There is no other Elephant Park like this anywhere in the World.

Elephant Park Admission

  • Adult IDR 395.000
  • Child IDR 240.000
  • Infant IDR 120.000
  • Family IDR 1.150.000

Elephant Safari Ride

  • Adult IDR 1.1150.000
  • Child IDR 860.000
  • Infant IDR 340.000
  • Family IDR 3.340.000

Elephant Jumbo Wash

  • Adult IDR 915.000
  • Child IDR 690.000
  • Family IDR 2.805.000

Elephant Jumbo Wash (with Ride)

  • Adult IDR 1.165.000
  • Child IDR 885.000
  • Family IDR 3.635.000

Elephant Wash & Bathe

  • Adult IDR 1.395.000
  • Child IDR 1.075.000
  • Family IDR 4.370.000

Elephant Wash & Bathe (With Ride)

  • Adult IDR 1.595.000
  • Child IDR 1.230.000
  • Family IDR 4.995.000

Elephant Lake Bathe

  • Adult IDR 1.065.000
  • Child IDR 810.000
  • Family IDR 3.285.000

Elephant Lake Bathe (With Ride)

  • Adult IDR 1.315.000
  • Child IDR 1.005.000
  • Family IDR 4.115.000

Safari Under The Star/ Night Safari

  • Adult IDR 1.180.000
  • Child IDR 885.000
  • Infant IDR 340.000
  • Family IDR 3.680.000

Safari Under The Star/ Night Safari
(With Dinner)

  • Adult IDR 1.475.000
  • Child IDR 1.080.000
  • Infant IDR 420.000
  • Family IDR 4.580.000
  • Return transfer hotel
  • Lunch or Dinner
Start From
IDR 200.000
IDR 120.000
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