Pravasa Bali Adventure
Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
up to 1 day
Group Size
10 people

Welcome to Pravasa Bali Adventure

A place of stress reliever – A place to challenge your adrenaline

Located at Sanggingan Village, by the great view of Campuhan rainforest, we turn the place to be a spot with several choices of high ropes activities. The most wanted activities such as Single Skybike (Savhari Bike), Couple Skybike (Dvaya Bike) and Flying Fox (Valgula) are available. We also offer some new adrenaline junkie which is available only at Pravasa Bali Adventure and won’t be found anywhere in Bali such as a high rope jump swing, called Praharsa Swing, a combination of rope jump and Tarzan swing, also we have one and only in Bali Superman Zipline, we called Zambara Zipline. It will be suitable for you who love to challenge yourself to have an adventure in nature life. Don’t worry, it might be adrenaline pumping, but we took high standard equipment to ensure your safety, including top-notch equipment under UIAA standards, also refers to the safety of high rope installation using industrial based of equipment at a height, and well trained Patrol Guide who always ready to help.

While enjoying the activities, don’t miss to capture the moment with the stunning view of Campuhan rainforest and if you’re lucky, you could see the Mt. Agung from the site. Resting your body on perfect scenery place with our mouthwatering special dishes of Organic Chicken (Ayam Kampung) and Octopus (Gurita) at Pravasa HomeMADE Resto. All dishes are homemade and using organics ingredients which are good for your health.

Valgula IDR 150.000

  • IDR 105.000

Zambara Zipline IDR 200.000

  • IDR 135.000

Praharsa Swing IDR 200.000

  • IDR 165.000

Savhari Bike IDR 200.000

  • IDR 135.000

Dvaya Bike IDR 300.000

  • IDR 195.000

Sundari Bicycle IDR 200.000

  • IDR 135.000

Sundara Bicycle IDR 300.000

  • IDR 195.000
  • Open : 09.30 - 17.00
  • One times Games
  • Safety Equipment
  • Trainer
  • Insurance
Start From
IDR 150.000
IDR 105.000
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+62 813-3753-4401

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